Upholstery Repairs

Solutions offer various upholstery services including:

  • Where your cushions have sagged or gone flat we can offer replacement cushions – all foam is make to current UK Standards and Legislation and will stand the test of time!
  • If your springs have gone or are popping through we can replace them with separate springs and also offer full sprung edge units
  • Deep buttoning
  • Bed repairs
  • Re-upholstery of your current furniture (including dining chairs, footstools)
  • Part re-upolstery of your current sofas,chairs, eg if the arm has collapsed or worn etc
  • Stitching issues – repairing of seam work, dress stitch and tears or splits of seams

Along with the above we can also offer more traditional upholstery repairs for example if you haves issues with the actual framework underneath the sofa – a split in the wood or a creaking frame call us we can fix it!

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